News from the President 10.27.17

News from the President

by Susan Shattuck

Millennial donors are poised to become an important part of our fundraising future.  Their numbers rival the Boomers generation and many Boomer parents of Millennials are already passing the baton to them.

We know a few things about Millennials and their giving preferences. They prefer giving through social media, and on-line digital giving opportunities. They like face-to-face communication and opportunities to challenge the system and create change.

Here are two sources with some recent findings on how and why they give.

Millennial Impact Report Retrospective: Five Years of Trends byAchieve in partnership with the Case Foundation.  Researchers interviewed more than 25,000 Millennials, 500 companies, and 2,000 organizations. They found that intrinsic passion for a cause is what inspires Millennials to act charitably, however external factors can motivate Millennials to be more philanthropic. The majority of Millennials volunteered and gave charitably in modest amounts to multiple nonprofits.  Female Millennials give more financial support than males, and older Millennials give more financial support than younger ones.  In addition, larger donations correlate with more volunteer hours in all segments.  Peer-to-peer engagement, including in the workplace, is a critical influence on Millennials’ charitable giving and volunteering.

Generation Impact: How Next Gen Donors Are Revolutionizing Givingby Sharna Goldseker and Michael Mooday.  The authors’ focus is on wealthy young donors who have the potential to make a huge impact over time. Similar to non-wealthy Millennials, they don’t want to just write checks. They want hands-on engagement with the causes they support, including environmental and animal-related efforts as well as civil rights and advocacy.  More important are the differences in how they want to interact with charities. They want to engage with senior staff and help plan strategy.  As beneficiaries of unique economic factors, they are giving now, have the means to give substantially and will likely be giving longer than any previous generation. 






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