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Welcome to the New AFP NYC Website!

The New York City Chapter of AFP is proud to introduce its brand-new website! We have improved and streamlined our features for both members and non-members to get the most out of our fundraising resources.

Fundraising Day in New York 2017 - More than Just Fundraising

The focus of Fundraising Day in New York is, of course, on fundraising strategies, tactics, ideas, opinions, and best practices. But there’s much more. Here are just a few examples:

·      FRDNY is about community. It’s the one time each year when nonprofit professionals and volunteers from the Greater NYC Area (and beyond!) come together: development professionals, board members, vendors, managers, chief executives, and philanthropists.

News from the President 2.17.17

We in the nonprofit sector don’t usually talk about the impact of our work. Maybe it’s time we did as it could help raise the profile of our work and our sector.

The New York City chapter compiled a list of data last spring, for our advocacy meetings in Albany with our NYS Senators, Assemblypersons and officials in the Charities Bureau. We thought the list below might help them understand more broadly what we do.

Fundraising in New York State is a big business with a huge economic impact.



“Insuring the Survival of the Charitable Deduction?”

January 11, 2017

Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers


By Susan Fields, CFRE

Planned Giving Study Breaks New Ground for Nonprofits

Many of our donors maximize their philanthropy by establishing planned gifts. With this new installation to the NYC Fundraising Matters e-newsletter, AFP-NYC is delighted to share with you the first of many planned giving articles and white papers that provide in-depth research.

Empathy, Romance, and Fundraising

Empathy, romance, and fundraising are an unlikely grouping of words. But a recent story in the Wall Street Journal suggests they can fit together, and provide a lesson for fundraisers trying to build professional relationships with donors.

Fundraising Day in New York 2017 “Helping Small Shops Succeed in the Big City”

The majority of nonprofits are small organizations. Rarely do they get the attention that larger organizations get, especially in New York City, which is home to so many major institutions.

But at Fundraising Day in New York we believe smaller organizations need to be heard, and to have their unique challenges addressed. And so we’ve dedicated an entire track (4 sessions) to “Small Shops”:

News from the President 2.3.17

The new Administration is moving at break-neck speed and new cabinet appointments, changes in policy and new executive orders have already affected many nonprofits. The charitable deduction could be next and it affects us all. In case you didn’t see the email I sent earlier this week, I’m asking for your presence and voice on Capitol Hill on February 16th to support retention of the charitable deduction.

News from the President 1.20.17

Inauguration Day is an historic day for our country and 2017 may be an historic year for philanthropy. There are many predictions that charitable giving will rise higher than last year, and many predictions that it will fall. For example, if the new President’s proposed tax cuts lowering taxes for the wealthy are implemented the incentive to make large gifts could be reduced. On the up side, should it pass there’s likely to be a huge uptick in giving prior to the law taking effect.

Fundraising Day in New York 2017 A Community of People Serving the Nonprofit Sector

It’s said that New York City is not one large metropolis so much as it is a collection of many smaller communities. To a great extent we find our identity in communities.

The nonprofit sector is a community. Those of us who work in the sector share the values of service, sacrifice, and commitment to making our society and the world a better place. No greater expression of this exists than Fundraising Day in New York. It’s the one day each year when we come together to experience what it means to belong to this very special group of people and institutions.

Hire For Potential

The traditional approach to hiring is to look for compatibility between a candidate’s work experience and the skills and knowledge associated with an open position. The more extensive the experience, the higher up a candidate moves in the selection process.


Fundraising Day in New York 2017

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