10. We could let our Major Gifts Director go and just ask every New Yorker to give a dollar.

9. Let’s serve dinner at midnight at this year’s gala and call it “The Hunger Games”.

8. Hold senior management salary review retreat in Hawaii with Governor Cuomo as speaker.

7. Maybe we can ask Rupert Murdoch to train our staff in conducting successful phone-a-thons.

6. Instead of using a search firm, maybe Donald Trump’s next show can be “Celebrity Executive Director”.

5. Let’s hire that new Secret Service Party Planning event management firm.

4. To employ his children at full salary with the summers off.

3. Change our agency’s logo to match her new summer home color scheme.

2. Can we just go to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page and tell him we need a grant?

1. Let’s ask Kim Kardashian and Snookie to run our gala.

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