10. I just bought an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod and now I can’t give. 

9. Our contributions have now returned to 1986 level.  Thanks for your support. 

8. Be sure to arrive at our gala early. Full TSA screening required before entering

7. In response to your appeal, we plan to adopt ALL the kids from that country. . . Brad & Angelina

6. With every gift of $500 or more you’ll receive a share of the New York Mets. 

5. The Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring of our new web manager,   Anthony Weiner. 

4. Today the medical center announces our $1 billion capital campaign slogan  . . . “Winning.” 

3. Sending my favorite necklace for your auction. . . Lindsay 

2. Last night’s event did not meet goal. . . .You’re fired.  The Donald. 

1. I told my Board President I would send him a tweet.  He thought I called him a twit.  My resume is attached for your review. 

Fundraising Day in New York 2019

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