You Know Fundraising is Improving When . . .

10. Donors stop asking for change back from their dollar.

9. Tiger Woods agrees to text all his friends to support your golf event.

8. Toyota offers to make a donation to your organization for every gas pedal they fix.

7. Your annual women’s tea party luncheon attracts 1,000 tea party members.

6. Kate Gosslin is the host of your new “Dancing with the Donors” event.

5. Sarah Ferguson becomes your new Director of Donor Relations.

4. When you learn by an off-hand remark that your staff is using Sarah Palin’s new book: The Guide to FR in Russia, A View From My Back Porch

3. BP offers to sponsor the “Chocolate Fountain” at your gala dinner.

2. Betty White agrees to be Chair of your Young Professionals group.

1. Your Board approves a new “Fundraising Stimulus” program that requires all of them to contribute.

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