10.  We get a really cool AFP card for our wallets.

9. We get first chance at the silent auction for the duck hunting trip with Vice President Chaney.

8. We get to meet the rich and famous. . .few of whom will ever remember our name.

7. We’ve learned to take rejection well.

6. We have a vintage tote bag collection from 27 Fund Raising Days in New York.

5.  We know all the right things to say to the telemarketers who call us at home during dinner.

4.  We’re not likely to be outsourced to India.

3.  We have the opportunity to change jobs every 1.5 years whether we want to or not.

2. We can tell our bosses we have to fly first class…because that’s where all the prospects are!

1. We get to report to EVERYBODY!

Fundraising Day in New York 2019

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