10. I’m a little strapped.   I just filled my car up with high test.

9. I promised you that I’d consider a planned gift.  Well, I’m still considering it!

8. I can’t be your honoree this year.  I’ll still be a little “puffy” from my extreme makeover.

7. This year we are making all our contributions to the Jackson Family Defense Fund.                       

6. Why don’t you call me again…when pigs fly!

5. Things are a little tight now.  We just spent almost $1 million on Jason’s Bar Mitzvah.

4. You know those three W’s I promised you…well, you’re only getting two!

3. We just made a major gift to the Ralph Nader campaign.

2. We gave $15.00 for world peace last year, and frankly we are disappointed with the way our money was used.

1. Sorry, I was just fired by “The Donald”.

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