10. Forget “Moves Management” . . .“Shock and Awe” is our new major gift strategy.

9. Choosing “Joe Millionaire” as your campaign chairman.

8. After long discussions, naming your planned gift recognition group “The Tombstone Society.”

7. Asking the Board Chairman’s daughter to join the development staff.

6. Declaring, “What the heck, we’re projecting a $10 million deficit this year . . . Let’s make that our campaign goal.”

5. Let’s name the building for him…and THEN ask for the gift.

4. Announcing that the gala music provided for your dancing pleasure tonight is by “Motley Crue.”

3.  Making your annual gala dinner a “BYOB” event.

2. Telling your top donor, “That’s OK.  We don’t need a signed pledge letter.  Your word is good enough for us.”

1. Announcing the new campaign strategy: “Instead of getting one $1 million gift . . . let’s raise $1 each from 1 million people!!”

Fundraising Day in New York 2019

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