10. Misspell their names on the Donor Wall

9. Spend more money to acknowledge the gift . . . than the gift!

8. Ask Arthur Andersen to audit their outstanding pledge payment schedule.

7.  Help them to obtain a Presidential Pardon.

6. Honor them at your annual Gala . . . and expect them to raise another million!

5. Misplace their donor plaque . . .during the renovation of the facility that you’ve already sold to someone else.

4. Hire their brilliant nephews and nieces to work in the Development Office.

3. Make sure they are not treated by a first year resident in the E.R.

2. Them them at your golf tournament they’ll play with Tiger . . . Moskowitz.

1.  Occasionally, just occasionally, we elect them Mayor of New York City.

Fundraising Day in New York 2019

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