News from the President 6.9.17

In my humble opinion, the clock is ticking on one of the very best days of the year.  That would be Fundraising Day in New York, and it’s almost here!  In just two weeks, on Friday, June 23rd at the NY Marriott Marquis, Fundraising Day, the largest one-day conference of its kind in the world, will open its doors.  Don’t miss it.

Much planning, work and love goes into crafting this day.  Over 200 people, all volunteers, contribute their time, acumen and insight into creating fifty stellar sessions, led by a distinguished list of speakers and assisted by a terrific cadre of facilitators.

This year, as we did last year, sessions covering new ground have been added to broaden the scope of offerings. I know it can make it difficult choosing which sessions to go to, but odds are excellent you’ll find a seat in whatever session you choose.

Do you need to know the current and coming trends in donor engagement and giving through every channel? Fundraising Day has the Intel on that.  Need some career guidance? Fundraising Day mentors can provide you with that.  Want to be inspired by someone who makes a difference? Luncheon Keynote speaker David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee will deliver that.

Fundraising Day has grown through the years, 37 years to be precise. Founded 57 years ago, AFP-NYC created and launched the conference in 1980 and it has continued to grow exponentially in stature and scope every year since.

One thing remains the same - Fundraising Day in New York is for you our members, colleagues and constituents.  You complete the circle and I hope to see you there!


Fundraising Day in New York 2017

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