News from the President 2.17.17

We in the nonprofit sector don’t usually talk about the impact of our work. Maybe it’s time we did as it could help raise the profile of our work and our sector.

The New York City chapter compiled a list of data last spring, for our advocacy meetings in Albany with our NYS Senators, Assemblypersons and officials in the Charities Bureau. We thought the list below might help them understand more broadly what we do.

Fundraising in New York State is a big business with a huge economic impact.

According to a recent report issued by State Comptroller DiNapoli, nearly 30,000 non-profit charities are registered in New York.  According to the IRS, approximately 30,000 more charities based elsewhere in the US operate in the State.  They reported combined revenue to the IRS in 2013 of about $190 billion, almost $30 billion from fundraising activities. These organizations reported endowments and other assets of over $510 billion.

Fundraising means jobs for New Yorkers.

US Department of Labor Statistics indicates that 1.25 million people in the state work in the non-profit sector. This group comprises 18% of the total private sector labor force.  It is one of the few sectors that’s seen significant employment growth in the past decade.  The non-profit sector is the largest private employer in the state.  Non-profit payrolls in New York City alone total over $33 billion.

New Yorkers are generous. 

Independent Sector reports that almost 90% of all New York households give to charity.  According to the IRS, they took charitable contribution deductions of over $15 billion in 2013.  Six of the "Philanthropy 50," the most generous American donors, call this State home.  Over 10,000 foundations are based in the State; they make charitable grants of about $1 billion per year. 

Fundraising helps New Yorkers in need, delivers vital community services and advances solutions for challenges facing the State.

According to a report of the Non Profit Finance Fund, New York's Non-Profit sector is the State's largest provider of

  • Hospital Services and Healthcare
  • Child Care and Day Care
  • Affordable Housing
  • Affordable Nutrition
  • Youth Development Programs
  • Mental Health Services
  • Chemical Dependency Counseling, Treatment and Prevention
  • Services to the Aged

Additionally, over 300,000 K-12 students attend non-profit elementary or secondary schools in the State.  New York has has over 300 non-profit colleges and universities. 

And, according to a report issued in 2014 by Attorney General Schneiderman's office on recovery and relief efforts to Hurricane Sandy, New York charities provide critical immediate and long-term natural disaster relief to New Yorkers requiring assistance.

Fundraising gives voice to New Yorkers and is instrumental in creating the unique and diverse character of the State.

Also, many of the attractions for which New York is world famous-our cultural institutions, performing arts centers, and museums; our historical sites; our parks and recreational spaces-are operated or heavily supported by non-profit organizations and the generous New Yorkers who contribute their time and treasure to these charities.

By the time you read this, my colleagues and I will have met with our policymakers on Capitol Hill to advocate for fully maintaining the charitable deduction. Along with other facts, we’ll have shared this data with them.


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