FRDNY's tradition is to begin the luncheon keynote with an industry Top Ten List, prepared by Margaret Holman, John Winkleman and Marc Suntup, and presented each year by the entertaining Margaret Holman. In 2016, in a nod to the passing of the late-night torch, The Top Ten List is now the Top Ten Thank You notes.

2016: Top Ten Thank You Notes

2015: Top Ten Ways to Cut Your Fundraising Expenses

2014: You Know You're Ready for Retirement When...

2013: Ways to Make Special Events More Special

2012: Top Ten Craziest Trustee Suggestions

2011: Top Ten Fundraising "Tweets"

2010: You Know Fundraising is Improving When...

2009: You Know It's A Bad Year for Fundraising When...

2008: Top Ten Ways to Raise Money in a Bad Economy

2007: Top Ten Remarks Overheard at Fundraising Day 

2006: Top Ten "Perks" of Being A Fundraiser

2005: Top Ten Signs It's Time to Find a New Job

2004: Top Ten Donor Excuses

2003: Top Ten Fundraising Mistakes

2002: Top Ten Ways We Recognize Our Donors

2000: Top Ten Ways to Raise Money on the Internet

Margaret Holman and her selfie with FRDNY attendees

Fundraising Day in New York 2017

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