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Wed, 01/11/2017 - 8:30 AM -- State of the Industry: 2017 Annual Meeting -- Pier Sixty Chelsea Piers


News from the President 11.25.16

I hope your Thanksgiving Day was filled with good food and good cheer, and was politics-free.  I say this as the recent election cycle was a long and rancorous one and arguing with relatives is bad for one’s digestion.

Plus engaging neutrally with one’s relatives is good practice for maintaining one’s composure and convictions without yelling or saying anything one might regret.

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Your Personal Brand - By Rich Brown

Over the past several months we’ve seen a number of major institutions mired in controversy. Among them: Volkswagen, Wells Fargo, the FBI, and Wounded Warrior Project. You can now add CUNY to the list. Just in the past week it was the subject of a Wall Street Journal story whose headline read, “CUNY Misuse of Funds Systemic, Report Says.” These institutions are now scrambling to restore their reputations, and their brands.

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What Is Success?

The cover of the current issue of Advancing Philanthropy asks the question “What Is Success Anyway, and How Do You Measure It?” As one who enjoys a good debate over philosophy and theory, the first part of the title created instant anticipation. But the moment was fleeting, as the second part of the title suggested the debate would be reduced to metrics.

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News from the President 11.11.16

You may know New York City as the founding chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. You may not know AFP was called the National Society of Fund Raisers in 1960 when it was officially chartered by the State of New York.  Fast-forward 56 years, and AFP-NYC remains a preeminent chapter of AFP International, now among 241 chapters representing 33,265 members around the world. I hope you’re one of them and, if not, that you’ll consider joining AFP-NYC now.

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