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Thu, 02/09/2017 - 8:30 AM -- Marketing Matters: What Does It Mean for 2017? -- Scandinavia House 58 Park Ave @ 37th New York, NY 10016


News from the President 1.20.17

Inauguration Day is an historic day for our country and 2017 may be an historic year for philanthropy. There are many predictions that charitable giving will rise higher than last year, and many predictions that it will fall. For example, if the new President’s proposed tax cuts lowering taxes for the wealthy are implemented the incentive to make large gifts could be reduced. On the up side, should it pass there’s likely to be a huge uptick in giving prior to the law taking effect.

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Fundraising Day in New York 2017 A Community of People Serving the Nonprofit Sector

It’s said that New York City is not one large metropolis so much as it is a collection of many smaller communities. To a great extent we find our identity in communities.

The nonprofit sector is a community. Those of us who work in the sector share the values of service, sacrifice, and commitment to making our society and the world a better place. No greater expression of this exists than Fundraising Day in New York. It’s the one day each year when we come together to experience what it means to belong to this very special group of people and institutions.

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Hire For Potential

The traditional approach to hiring is to look for compatibility between a candidate’s work experience and the skills and knowledge associated with an open position. The more extensive the experience, the higher up a candidate moves in the selection process.

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Fundraising Day in New York 2017

The New Year is when many of us make resolutions. One resolution all nonprofit professionals should make each year is to become better at what we do, to elevate our performance. One step in that direction is to participate in Fundraising Day in New York.

This year’s conference will take place on June 23 at the Marriott Marquis. Our event committee is deep into planning what promises to be the best conference ever. Every session is designed to strengthen your performance and advance your organization.

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